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As a first year student, I had the pleasure belonging to the founding team that began the Public Management Association. Being a part of this team for the past four years has brought incredible value to my university career that cannot be found in the classroom. From hosting industry professionals to connecting with professors and students at various events, I have grown both professionally and personally. I am thankful to lead this incredible team as we strive to bring value to Public Management students!

Jessica Zajac - Vice President/ Treasurer and Co-Founder

Being a part of the Public Management Association for the last 4 years has added immense value to my university career. I was able to connect and network with the Guelph community to establish long lasting relationships and gain amazing opportunities. In addition, hosting events that benefit our hardworking students in always a rewarding experience that makes the time and effort put into these events worth it. 

megan bailey - Director of Communications

Being on the PMA has greatly enhanced my experience with networking and effectively working as a team member in order to successfully collaborate together to organize upcoming events, etc. I’m very lucky to be able to be a part of something that works to bring students together and give them the resources to network and understand more about the opportunities of their major. 


Joining the PMA has given me the opportunity of meeting new people across all 4 years at UoG. Gave me a chance to learn about Guelph and also share my experiences.

Albina Azizi - Director of events

Being a part of the PMA has allowed me to network with people within our major, industry professionals and professors. Working as a team and hosting events has really sharpened my communication and leadership skills. I have the opportunity to make connections with the people who share the same interest as I do within our field. 

PMA 2016-19.png

Thomas Jakovljevic - Administrative Assistant

Being a part of the PMA has given me the opportunity to network with others as well as encourage others to be involved in the University community. The PMA strives to get everyone involved in the events they host, and being able to be a part of them and constantly meet others has inspired me to work with many different people whenever the opportunity arises.  




Being a member of the PMA has allowed me to connect and engage with other students in various stages of the Public Management program. It is very interesting to learn what other Public Management students will do with what we have all learned and see all the different education and career paths public management can lead to.