Matison Montgomery - CO-President

I chose Public Management because I wanted a diverse skill set with a strong business background. Public Management has provided me with both analytical skills through Economics and Finance courses, as well as written and communication skills through Political Science courses. I have really enjoyed engaging with other students in this unique major and learning how to apply what I have learned at UoG to my future career. What I like about the Public Management Association is that I can work with other students in my major to plan and organize events that will engage Public Management students, Guelph Business students, and the university as a whole. It is very rewarding to host events that provide opportunities for growth and engagement for other students.

Jessica Zajac - Founding Co-President

I chose Public Management as a major because I was interested in a career in either business or law. It wasn't until I began my studies that I realized just how intricate and wonderful our niche major is. We are the lucky few that are able to develop both our analytical skills and written comprehension at the same time. PMA has been the highlight of my university career. I adore being apart of such an inclusive and supportive network for students. Since Public Management is a very small major we often welcome students from a variety of majors to our events. It is amazing to see the students bonding over common interests and knowing that the Public Management Association helped that happen!


Albina Azizi - VIce President/Director of Finance

I chose Public Management as my major because we are one of the few majors in the province where you earn a comprehensive education in Government, Economics, and Management at the same time. In my studies I have learned so much about myself and what my interests are. Being part of the Public Management Association has brought great value to my university experience that cannot be found in the classroom. Being able to host events and network with like-minded students, professors, and industry professionals has allowed me to diversify my skills. Successfully balancing academics and involvement in student initiatives has allowed me to become a well-rounded commerce student.


Elaine Rodricks - Director of communications

I always knew I wanted a career in Business; however, I wasn’t really sure what type of business I would like to pursue. Additionally, I was interested in politics and enjoyed the idea of potentially working in the Public Sector one day. Public Management was a perfect blend of these two areas as it found a way to bring Business and Government together. When I found out about the PMA, I was excited to realized that there was a way to engage with students in my major outside of the classroom. Being apart of this team and organizing these amazing events was a great way to take my University experience in a positive direction.


Katie McCullough - Director of Events

I chose to major in Public Management because it presents the perfect balance of Business and Governmental studies. I have always had an interest in politics and the policy process, and the combination of these with business concepts was the perfect match! What I like about the Public Management Association is that it brings together students with common interests and goals. It presents opportunities for students to network and create connections, while also providing them with a sense of community.


Nirvana Harripersad - Events Coordinator

I chose Public Management as a major because I wanted to do something that was unique compared to standard Commerce majors. Public Management is a perfect mix of Business, Politics and Economics. It allows for many possibilities in many fields, which gives students the freedom to pursue different careers and not be restricted to one narrow path. I like that the Public Management Association is very inclusive in giving each member the opportunity to share their ideas while expanding and showcasing their talents.



Jenna Rolland-Mills - Director of Public relations

I chose Public Management as my major because it is one of the few majors that allows you to work with both numbers and words. In Political Science courses, I get to develop my essay-writing, communication, and public speaking skills. In Economics courses, I get to use problem-solving and math skills. It’s really the perfect mix of courses that prepares you to enter a variety of different career paths! I am so glad I joined the PMA because it is incredibly useful to have a group of upper year friends who have already taken all the courses on your schedule. Everyone is open to giving advice and study tips!



Kyrie Faderbauer - Brand Manager

I chose PM as my major because I felt it gave me the greatest opportunity to expand my knowledge in both a general and specific way. The business aspect of the program has taught me to think differently and strategically in every day decisions. While always having a special love for politics and law the program has further grown my passion and made me exited for the future. By joining PMA as the Brand Manager I've been given the opportunity to combine business and creativity, make connections, get involved and learn more about my major in a different way as well as develop skills that I am able to use in the future.